KFNX Radio “The Pulse Of Arizona” Interviews with News Director, Bill Brady

Scott Neely and Bill Brady pictured at KFNX Radio’s Studio during gubernatorial race interview.

Scott Neely, sat down with KFNX Radio host Bill Brady for candid interviews on “The Pulse Of Arizona” live radio show. These must hear interviews addresses Neely’s common-sense approch to state government’s role in solving Arizona’s water, border, education, infrastructure deterioration issues and more.

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KATO Radio “Voice Of The Valley” Interview with News Director, David Bell

Scott Neely and David Bell pictured at KATO Radio’s Studio during gubernatorial race interview.
Arizona’s gubernatorial candidate, Scott Neely was interviewed last week by News Director, David Bell on KATO Radio’s “Voice of the Valley” program in Safford, Arizona. The half-hour interview covered everything from water issues to freedom of speech and from education to adding rural community services.


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Candidates Scott Neely and Karrin Taylor Robson Appear In Prescott

Arizona gubernatorial candidates Neely and Robson on stage at Yavapai County Republican Women sponsored forum in Prescott.

An enthusiastic crowd of supporters and interested citizens gathered in Prescott to hear from Republican gubernatorial candidates Scott Neely and Karrin Taylor Robson at the Yavapai County Republican Women sponsored forum.

The candidates who are running on their specific platforms for Arizona’s future expressed their ideas and beliefs as they prepare for the August 2nd Republican primary.

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Scott Neely Pledges To Tackle Arizona’s Growing Homeless Problem

Scott Neely, candidate for Arizona governor speaks with homeless in the midst of encampments on 11th Avenue and Madison in Phoenix.

Homelessness in Arizona is increasing at a staggering rate. Homeless encampments are devastating our neighborhoods, businesses and the quality of life in our communities.

The issue of homelessness has spread far beyond Arizona’s biggest cities, impacting rural and mountain communities as well. Seasonality will cause an ebb and flow of homeless numbers in several areas, but it only continues to grow throughout the state.

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Only Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate To Sign Arizona Election Integrity Declaration At Capitol

Scott Neely candidate for Arizona governor signing Arizona Election Integrity Declaration at Arizona state capitol.

Voting rights advocates rallied at the Arizona state capitol in support of Arizona HB2289, the One Day – One Vote – On Paper – In Person – Precinct Polling – ID Required – No Machines – No Mail-in/Absentee Ballots Bill. Also referred to as the “Election Integrity Bill” which passed out of the Senate Government Committee but didn’t have the votes to pass in session.

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Scott Neely, Aspiring Gubernatorial Candidate Honors the Life and Legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. in Mesa

Scott Neely pictured with Mesa Fire EMT Teams, Arizona Territory Buffalo Soldier Commander, Fred Marable at Mesa’s MLK celebration.
Scott Neely, Republican Gubernatorial candidate seeking the office of Arizona governor, commemorates the Civil Rights Movement and honors the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. attending the celebration in Downtown Mesa on January 17th.

Neely says he attended in support for all of us who are working to overcome inequity and injustice amidst our society.

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Scott Neely Gives Officer A Custom Made Back The Blue Shirt For Supporting Law Enforcement

Arizona’s law enforcement officers serve as our heroes and deserve our encouragement by vocally standing up for our men and women in blue.

Scott Neely, candidate for Arizona’s governor, support our law enforcement officers, and will ensure as governor, that our community of heroes and their families receive the support they need to do their jobs safely and successfully


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Scott Neely, Once Homeless Himself, Attends Fundraising Event for Homeless Charity

Scott Neely and Wife, Maria, at Million Dollar Mingle Charity Event in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The event, organized by AC Caswell, former Oakland Raider, philanthropist, organizes luxury charity campaigns to raise money for non-profits. The posh events bring together celebrities, professional athletes, TV and film stars, media, entertainers, corporate executives, and dignitaries.

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Neely Campaigns For Governor Of Arizona In His Old High School Lettermans Jacket As A Message Of Unity

Scott Neely, Arizona gubernatorial candidate pictured at the Arizona capitol campaigning in his high school lettermans jacket.
‘Unity’ is a message that Arizona candidate for governor, Scott Neely wears on his sleeve, literally, pictured here at yesterday’s 2nd Amendment Rally at the Arizona capitol. He campaigned among individuals and groups on the basis of unity.

Neely was seen campaigning in his split high school lettermans jacket, symbolic back then of uniting “Bulldogs and Tigers”, and today, he hopes “Republicans and Democrats.”

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Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate Scott Neely Concerned Over Future Job Development And Deployment Of State’s Technology.

Neely, sporting his American flag hard hat outside his business expressing concerns and offering solutions for Arizona’s future.
American’s found out just how important governors are over the past several months. Next year, the vast majority of Arizonans  will decide who can best lead their state.

Businessman and candidate for Arizona Governor, Scott Neely is concerned about the Arizona economy under the leadership of any of the other individuals running for the governor’s seat in 2022.

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Scott Neely’s Gubernatorial Campaign Ideas Are Sticking With Arizona Voters.


‘Arizonans see evidence of Scott Neely’s governor’s campaign literally stuck to business people, construction workers, students and all professions as grassroots endorsees’.
“It’s really heartwarming to see the reaction of people so willing to take one of my campaign stickers and place it on them when they hear my ideas for improving Arizona,” Neely said.

Neely’s visual campaign communications comes in both standpoints as a construction worker and businessman, leaving supporters with a choice.

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