KFNX Radio “The Pulse Of Arizona” Interviews with Bill Brady

Scott Neely and Bill Brady pictured at KFNX Radio’s Studio during gubernatorial race interview.

Scott Neely,sat down with KFNX Radio host Bill Brady for a candid interview on the “The Pulse Of Arizona” live radio show. This must hear interview addresses Neely’s common-sense approach to state government’s role in solving Arizona’s water, border, education, infrastructure deterioration issues and more.

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Scott Neely’s Second Interview With Bill Brady at KFNX Radio’s Studio During Gubernatorial Race.

KATO Radio “Voice Of The Valley” Interview with News Director, David Bell

Scott Neely and David Bell pictured at KATO Radio’s Studio during gubernatorial race interview.
Arizona’s gubernatorial candidate, Scott Neely was interviewed last week by News Director, David Bell on KATO Radio’s “Voice of the Valley” program in Safford, Arizona. The half-hour interview covered everything from water issues to freedom of speech and from education to adding rural community services.

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Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate, Scott Neely, Once Homeless Himself, Attends Fundraising Event for Homeless Charity

Scott Neely and Wife, Maria, at Million Dollar Mingle Charity Event in Scottsdale, Arizona.
The event, organized by AC Caswell, former Oakland Raider, philanthropist, organizes luxury charity campaigns to raise money for non-profits. The posh events bring together celebrities, professional athletes, TV and film stars, media, entertainers, corporate executives, and dignitaries.

Saturday’s event was organized by Caswell on behalf of the Robert Knowles Cancer Patient Fund and the Rise & Dream Foundation providing Arizona homeless men and women who are living on the streets some essential items they need to care for themselves.

“Homelessness isn’t just an Arizona big city problem, it is fast spreading to communities throughout the state,” Neely said. “I’ve seen the homeless encampments in Phoenix and many in small Arizona towns while working and campaigning. It’s a real problem that always leads to drug and crime troubles if not addressed by our state in a serious way,” Neely said.   

Neely pledges to tackle homelessness in Arizona immediately if elected governor, a commitment he made from the very beginning of his run for the governor’s seat. “I will offer Arizona communities a coordinated and sensible approach for delivering services, housing, and programs,” Neely added. 

Having once lived in his truck for several months in his twenties, Neely has a personal understanding of the problem on the streets. Now in his forties, and owner of multiple successful small construction-related businesses, he continues to give back to the homeless and disadvantaged Arizonans. Neely is known for employing people off of the streets who are recovering from addictions, alongside newly released non-violent prisoners, giving those with no skills on employment and training the help they need to become productive individuals.    

Event sponsor, Caswell, says his events are organized to raise funds and shine a light on local charities by bringing together affluent and prominent individuals to network and support the philanthropy community.

“For many Arizonans, it may seem like the problem isn’t touching them – but just look at San Francisco,” Neely said. “We need to immediately assist the most vulnerable, creating housing, offering addiction treatment and employment as a crisis response.”

Gubernatorial Candidates Scott Neely and Karrin Taylor Robson Appear In Prescott

Arizona gubernatorial candidates Neely and Robson on stage at Yavapai County Republican Women sponsored forum in Prescott.

An enthusiastic crowd of supporters and interested citizens gathered in Prescott to hear from Republican gubernatorial candidates Scott Neely and Karrin Taylor Robson at the Yavapai County Republican Women sponsored forum.

The candidates who are running on their specific platforms for Arizona’s future expressed their ideas and beliefs as they prepare for the August 2nd Republican primary.

Before the panel, guest moderator Steve Pierce delivered prepared questions and was also flooded with questions from concerned citizens. President Beverly Granillo introduced the event and gave each candidate specified times to answer questions in addition to brief opening and closing campaign speeches. Liz Kennedy gave the Invocation, while Patt Parker led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Scott Neely, the first candidate to speak, opened his campaign starting by explaining his values and commitment to keeping Arizona free from overreaching government. He also explained the governing principles of his campaign which were for a strong, secure border, water security, limited government, individual liberties and cutting taxes.

“We the people will finish the job in November’s general election by supporting President Trump and the ‘America First’ agenda and making the Constitution every bit as great today,” Neely said.

Neely continued by explaining why he believes he would be a good candidate for the Republican nomination as a staunch conservative. He is a multiple small business owner in the construction industry and believes his knowledge of business and uniqueness as a political outsider sets him apart.

Following Neely, Robson, who graciously invited Neely to join her at the forum shared her ideas as governor and talked about the challenges ahead for Arizona.

“We have to do better, and we have to elect people now who will make up their own minds and look at the facts and who will do right by the people no matter what,” Neely said to applause.

Scott Neely Only Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate To Sign Arizona Election Integrity Declaration At Capitol  

Scott Neely candidate for Arizona governor signing Arizona Election Integrity Declaration at Arizona state capitol.

Voting rights advocates rallied at the Arizona state capitol in support of Arizona HB2289, the One Day – One Vote – On Paper – In Person – Precinct Polling – ID Required – No Machines – No Mail-in/Absentee Ballots Bill. Also referred to as the “Election Integrity Bill” which passed out of the Senate Government Committee but didn’t have the votes to pass in session.

The bill simply states that all voting must “occur only on election day and all ballots be cast in person by a voter at the voter’s election precinct polling place.” HB2289 provides for mail-in voting by overseas residents, service members, and hospitalized voters to submit absentee ballots.

Scott Neely was the only candidate running for Arizona governor to sign the Arizona Election Integrity Declaration at the Arizona capitol with those also fighting for election integrity.

“Arizona and America are in the midst of a voting war in a fight over free and fair elections. Apparently, the other gubernatorial candidates don’t care about fair elections, or they would have signed in support of HB2289 today. The battle is over how we guarantee that our government remains of the people, by the people, and for the people through basic safeguards,” Neely said.

Voters agree that Arizona needs and deserves elections that they can trust. Our state government must initiate safeguards to assure every legitimate vote counts.

Election reforms are coming according to Arizona’s Patriot Party who has been working to establish procedures making it harder to cheat and to protect the integrity and security of Arizona’s election process.

The Arizona Patriot Party is seeking legislation to expand U.S. citizenship voting requirements in the state, but critics warn it violates federal law and will jeopardize the voter registrations of thousands of Arizona residents.

Election officials say there is no evidence that any of Arizona’s voting methods have been fraudulent and support their statement that there is no credible evidence that non-citizens are attempting to vote.

Those opposing the stricter voting requirements say that proof of citizenship restriction is an entirely illegitimate and unconstitutional roadblock erected in the path of lawful, eligible voters.

“We all agree on one thing: Everyone who’s eligible to vote should be able to. As, governor, I will push for legislation to address concerns about ineligible persons casting ballots with safeguards against voter fraud. I will ensure equitable access to voting for all eligible voters,” Neely said.

Arizona’s past election has created a mistrust of how our elections are conducted. It has challenged our election officials and made the process highly skeptical. This will only continue to be a growing crisis of trust until we act to change it.

“There is no denying that compounded errors and omissions by election officials and careless, shoddy election practices and procedures have caused the problem. I am an advocate of much tougher voting requirements and fully support HB2289,” Neely added.

Tackling Arizona’s Growing Homeless Problem


Scott Neely, candidate for Arizona governor speaks with homeless in the midst of encampments on 11th Avenue and Madison in Phoenix

Homelessness in Arizona is increasing at a staggering rate. Homeless encampments are devastating our neighborhoods, businesses and the quality of life in our communities.

The issue of homelessness has spread far beyond Arizona’s biggest cities, impacting rural and mountain communities as well. Seasonality will cause an ebb and flow of homeless numbers in several areas, but it only continues to grow throughout the state.

Government programs and homeless service providers are not making the problem better.

The day I visited the streets at 11th Avenue and Madison near  downtown Phoenix was the same day that a homeless person had been murdered there earlier, just a few steps from where I set-up to feed and speak with the people living on our streets.

I went to the streets to visit the homeless camp to find out first-hand what would help solve the issues the homeless face.

The streets were lined with tents, makeshift shelters and a scattering of possessions and treasures a homeless person can collect discarded in back alleys, along streets and in trash.

I was amazed over calm interrelations among races and the extraordinary intelligence of many of the homeless I spoke with that day.

Because of a lack of addressing the homeless problem head-on it is creating a permanent “Under Class” of people far below the lowest of the middle-class.

“I spent hours gathering information, hearing stories and trying to get to the core of our homeless problem from the lips of those living on our streets. Having been homeless once myself, living in my truck for several weeks I was empathic and understanding of their circumstance.”

I was treated with the utmost respect and spoke freely, but with an open ear. Besides my obvious question of ‘what brought you here?’ I discovered the core problem. We have essentially given up and are enabling chronic street homelessness, drug use, and mental illness. Agencies and governments ignore the hidden impacts on citizens, families, and communities. I blame this on the current state and city administrations.

Spending most of the day on the streets asking questions, talking solutions, hearing the voices of hope, and some of despair, I made a commitment to do everything I could as governor to help the homeless, doing whatever it takes.

I am committed to assisting individuals and families who are homeless or at risk of homelessness by connecting them to shelter, housing and social services. It will require a collection of individual programs provided to Arizona’s cities and towns.

As governor, I will provide supportive housing and early intervention that combines affordable housing assistance with voluntary support services to address the needs of Arizona’s chronically homeless people.

Supportive housing for the homeless has been shown to lower public costs associated with the use of crisis services such as shelters, hospitals, jails and prisons.

A sudden reduction in work hours, a lost job, an illness, inability to pay the rent, an eviction or unexpected expense can spiral into a circumstance leading to homelessness.

Until economic conditions change, reducing homelessness or making homelessness manageable will be an on-going problem. In Arizona, some of the homeless problem can also be linked to illegal immigration by immigrants taking away jobs from American citizens.

I was warmly received for who I am, a hard-working laborer with a non-politician attitude, open and approachable. I’ve said many times in my run for office that a governor must be  compassionate.

Before I left late in the day, I asked Tony, an intelligence black man who introduced himself as the President of his side of the encampment, what could be done to reduce the growing number of new entries into homelessness. His reply was by consistently offering prevention resources upfront, and not waiting to deal with the problem.

Some of the homeless I talked with were in poor health, had lower education, and fewer job opportunities, but many were willing to work if they could get transportation.

For the homeless, access to reliable transportation is crucial to apply for work, maintaining stable employment and reaching training opportunities.

As governor, I will provide state subsidized transportation for the homeless population as a means for escaping poverty through employment. Short route vans will be used to get people to full-service transportation stops.

I am aware of the use of substances like drugs or alcohol which can contribute to increased homelessness along with mental health issues. I am proposing the most extensive, aggressive and comprehensive approach to addressing homelessness and providing real treatment and support to people who are willing to accept it anywhere in Arizona. They will have shelters, step-up housing, treatment, support, employment and hope. Those who refuse will find something else entirely: a state that simply isn’t willing to tolerate homeless encampments anymore.

Scott Neely, Aspiring Gubernatorial Candidate Honors the Life and Legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. in Mesa

Scott Neely pictured with Mesa Fire EMT Teams, Arizona Territory Buffalo Soldier Commander, Fred Marable and his company’s employees at Mesa’s MLK celebration.
Scott Neely, Republican Gubernatorial candidate seeking the office of Arizona governor, commemorates the Civil Rights Movement and honors the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. attending the celebration in Downtown Mesa on January 17th.

Neely says he attended in support for all of us who are working to overcome inequity and injustice amidst our society. He acknowledges that we are still dealing with racism but suggests that it is being done in a much more intelligent and sensitive way than when Dr. King had to fight for equality all.

“Being here at this celebration I think about Dr. King and his work. It gives me an opportunity to reflect on our community of brotherhood and the monumental changes we have been a part of in the spirit of unity,” Neely said.

Neely says he came to support the legacy of King by remembering the work of the late civil rights leader, and to amplify his message of unity throughout Arizona as he campaigns.

“Regardless of how Arizonans choose to celebrate, I encourage everyone to seek ways they can work in our communities to help make Arizona a place of freedom, opportunity, fairness, and justice. I also encourage Arizonans to do something positive in their community,” Neely said.

Neely says it is increasingly important that we all come together, from different backgrounds, to celebrate what Dr. King stood for, and what this day represents. America was born on the promise of liberty and justice for all, a promise that we must strive to fulfill as we grapple with ever-present racial issues. If elected as governor, there will be no room for any kind of racism in my administration.”

“Martin Luther King, Jr. reminded us that progress is not inevitable. It would serve us to recognize that God made us all, with one blood that isn’t reserved for just one race. We are all his people.”

Neely attended the Martin Luther King, Jr. celebration with his employees. He says, “Recognition of such an influential figure is important and acknowledging the men and women who prompted this permanent change in our society.”

Scott Neely Campaigns For Governor Of Arizona In His Old High School Letter Jacket As A Message Of Unity

Scott Neely, Arizona gubernatorial candidate pictured at the Arizona capitol campaigning in his high school lettermans jacket. 
‘Unity’ is a message that Arizona candidate for governor, Scott Neely wears on his sleeve, literally, pictured here at yesterday’s 2nd Amendment Rally at the Arizona capitol. He campaigned among individuals and groups on the basis of unity.

Neely was seen campaigning in his split high school lettermans jacket, symbolic back then of uniting “Bulldogs and Tigers”, and today, he hopes “Republicans and Democrats.”

“The fate of our state is highly dependent on unity of all Arizonans. We must stop labeling opposing factions and unify our commitment to each other, our state and our country. The divisiveness has to stop. The hate ends here with me. I am open to hear the voices of all Arizonans and will work to truly represent everyone in our state,” Neely said.

Neely can be seen throughout the state campaigning wearing his combined Hemet and San Jacinto High Schools’ lettermans jacket, as a symbol of the unity that he believes is much needed today. His over 20-year-old jacket symbolizes his goal to unite all Arizonans for a better future.

Back in 2000, as a high school senior, Neely made headlines in his hometown newspaper when he had the idea for unity when he transferred from one rival high school to another and felt the need to unify the two competing schools.

Neely and friend, Daniel Camacho, split their jackets in half to forge a statement of unity among the two school’s Bulldogs and Tigers. The jacket displaying his athletic letters and awards wasn’t easily tailored together. Neely’s idea for unity caught on with other transfer students with two-school allegiances doing the same things. He is quoted then as saying, “It might not be a new idea, but it could spread like wildfire.” Today, he is hoping to achieve the same thing, this time uniting the people of Arizona.

Neely’s is campaigning hard spreading his message among different groups and political party members. “I am willing to take the criticism from all sides to open up dialogue among those who oppose one another’s views and beliefs. I am committed to reach a common ground and bridge the divisiveness of the current political arena’s message of hate and division, where keeping the people of Arizona separated only strengthens the parties’ agendas and is not serving the people’s interests,” Neely added.

Scott Neely Gives Officer Custom Made Back the Blue Shirt For Supporting Law Enforcement

Arizona’s law enforcement officers serve as our heroes and deserve our encouragement by vocally standing up for our men and women in blue.
I support our law enforcement officers, and will ensure as governor, that our community of heroes and their families receive the support they need to do their jobs safely and successfully.

I will encourage, enable and vocally stand up for all law enforcement and believe they are critical to the freedoms we enjoy and the safety we need. I will always have their backs’, forever fighting against anyone who wants to defund in any way our law enforcement departments or forces.

It is important that we amplify our appreciation for the dedication and passion they bring to our communities. We expect them to handle violent crime situations, respond to auto accidents, counsel the homeless, calm domestic disputes, deal with serious mental health encounters, rescue children and animals and numerous mentoring and life-threatening situations.

Our law enforcement officers serve with no regard for race, creed, or color. I personally won’t tolerate disrespecting the thousands of officers who put their lives on the line daily in Arizona often in crisis response.

Budget cuts made as a means of defunding the police means fewer resources, and lessened opportunities to provide meaningful training opportunities due to lack of accessible funds.

I will not allow the dismantling of our police departments. As an optional choice of shifting funds away from departments would only create dangerous situations for communities. As governor, I hold firm on pulling state funding from any Arizona municipality that moves to defund their departments.

As governor, our city police departments, county sheriff’s offices, state troopers, Capitol police and professional staff are guaranteed my 100% support. No if, and, or buts!

The media, and Left do not consider the actual threat to public safety when they support defunding police and often only focus on random incidents involving brutality and racial injustice. Beyond a ‘few bad apples’, rouge cops who engage in racist and abusive treatment of citizens are not the norm. I will also not allow the mistreatment of the people they serve.

If the media would report on the acts of kindness, endangerment and counseling activities performed by police their entire daily newscasts would be about amazing stories of heroism, protection and self-sacrifice by law enforcement.

Arizona’s law enforcement professionals are incredible people who elevate our state through selfless services and courageous action.

I stand with law enforcement who put their lives on the line daily.

Their jobs go beyond enforcement of Arizona laws, they make a sacrifice for our freedom!

I encouraged my campaign team to custom-design and produce the ‘Back The Blue’ shirts that I am proudly giving away to law enforcement.

Let’s join together on behalf of our men and women in Blue who demonstrate each day… ‘When the going gets tough … the ‘Blue get going!’

For me, Back The Blue is not just an event for a photo op – It’s a positive movement!

Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate Scott Neely Concerned Over Future Job Development And Deployment Of State’s Technology

Neely, sporting his American flag hard hat stands outside his business expressing concerns and offering solutions for Arizona’s future.
American’s found out just how important governors are over the past several months. Next year, the vast majority of Arizonans  will decide who can best lead their state.

Businessman and candidate for Arizona Governor, Scott Neely is concerned about the Arizona economy under the leadership of any of the other individuals running for the governor’s seat in 2022.

“The policies they are suggesting will not lead Arizona at a time when we are recovering from effects of the coronavirus pandemic. We are still convalescing, and Washington’s proposed taxes would dry up investment and hurt small businesses. We’ve got to look further ahead for supporting business and workers. The goal is to retain and create jobs, immediately and in the future,” Neely said.

Neely is also concerned about the availability of venture capital flowing into Arizona for emerging growth companies and startups.

He wants to lead Arizona successfully through any period of pending stagflation, which is when the inflation rate and unemployment levels slows the rate of economic growth.

“We’ve got to have leaders who understands what the effects of the Democrat’s binge spending will do to Arizona’s economy.”

Neely feels that it will take a business owner, like himself, who can best understand business operations and job creation to lead the state.

“The tourism sector of the Arizona economy and the hospitality industry may continue to drag because low wages offered in restaurants, food services and related jobs. It’s not clear to what extent that they will return, and partly because I assume that the hospitality sector will be relying more on automation. The reason is the cost of capital and the cost of automation becoming more competitive to employers relative to the cost of labor. My plans for educating and training workers for the near future will be key,” Neely said.

He is a man most vested in infrastructure and related activities in construction, retail and online business operations. Neely is looking ahead to protect the average annual wages of the middle class worker, while lifting barriers for small business. Among his proposed plans is to address digital equity for Arizona students and families. “The digital divide in rural areas will hold us back if we don’t move to provide resources and broadband access Arizona needs that currently is spotty or simply doesn’t exist.”

Neely wants to create a new state technology education office that operates like a digital innovation academy and innovation lab for both remote and in-classroom learning. This would be on different levels for Arizona’s colleges, high schools and training schools. He is set on not wanting the new office to become just another layer of bureaucracy.

He is most concerned about the increasing cost of tuition being  out of reach for most families. Seeking equitable opportunities for education success both in higher education and vocational training is his goal as governor. Neely says, teachers and parents often pressure kids into continuing higher education once they have left school, but not all are college-bound due to learning skills and desire. “Arizona needs a healthy balance of workers with university degrees and trained skilled laborers with specialized practical skills.”

Neely says displaced workers may need to switch occupational categories, gain and learn new skills. He feels that there is a shortage of professional tradesmen and tradeswomen, stating that the hardest jobs to fill is that of skilled tradespeople. It is something he experiences in his own business and hears from other businesses he works for and with throughout Arizona.

“Let me be completely clear, college grads and trades-trained individuals are both needed, as an educated Arizona it is crucial for economic growth,” Neely said. As governor he says he will work closely with community colleges, universities, trade schools and businesses to build a pipeline of future workers.

Neely’s daughter just graduated from ASU last year and his sons who are seniors in high school are trained tradesman, who plan on attending community college after graduation.

Scott Neely will be emphasizing his ideas in advertising and on the stump soon with a robust platform for Arizona.

Governor Doug Ducey, also a Republican, is leaving office because of term limits, making this an open race in a once-solidly red state that has been trending purple.

Kari Lake was able to stake a claim relatively early and convince former President Trump to endorse her candidacy. Neely anticipates Arizonans will rally around his candidacy giving him the edge as the best shot at keeping the governor’s office red. Neely is a President Trump supporter believing in many of his policies. He is confident that, with the wind at his back, he can flip Former President Trump’s support of Lake. Neely supposes while Lake is working on gathering endorsements and possibly making political backdoor promises, he says he doesn’t owe anyone a political favor and is working on ideas and solving issues for the people of Arizona.

Scott Neely’s Ideas Are Sticking With Arizona Voters

Arizonans see evidence of Scott Neely’s governor’s campaign literally stuck to business people, construction workers, students and all professions as grassroots endorsees’.
Arizonans see evidence of Scott Neely’s governor’s campaign literally stuck to business people, construction workers, students and all professions as grassroots endorsees’.

“It’s really heartwarming to see the reaction of people so willing to take one of my campaign stickers and place it on them when they hear my ideas for improving Arizona,” Neely said.

Neely’s visual campaign communications comes in both standpoints as a construction worker and businessman, leaving supporters with a choice.

“The small but incredibly powerful campaign tool is about personal communication in the public domain,” said Neely. “We’re so used to seeing ads that are placed by candidates, or by a candidate’s interest group, and there’s no personal stake in them. The campaign stickers outwardly express support. Some people wear it all day long, while others stick them on something at work or at home. Even if they toss it, it has made an impression. They’re really stepping up and making a stand. And that’s the thing that makes my grassroots campaign so different from any other in the race. When people walk into a room they show their  preference for their Arizona governor. I’m humbled and enthusiastic that they are eager to support my run and their active political participation.”

Neely says that the campaign stickers show that a voter has some active engagement in both the electoral process and also in the community. “If one person has a campaign sticker on them and a family member, work associate or neighbor who haven’t made up their minds see that, it serves as a symbol or sign to maybe think or consider me as governor of Arizona, he said.

“When voters go to my website at www.neelyforgovernor.com they can find out how I stand on the issues that concern them.”

From a campaign advertising perspective, this is a real interesting development of logoing a candidate, not with one look, but with two distinctly different candidates in one, in that both are becoming a brand. Neely played off the circle that includes the Arizona flag. For construction types, office workers to professionals, students and small business owners, it is real iconic branding.